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Microcrystalline Cellulose Powder Supplier

Microcrystalline Cellulose Powder

Business Type : Manufacturer, Exporter, Supplier

Product Details

CAS No. 9004-34-6
Formula (C6H10O5)n
Appearance White crystal powder

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Deleted CAS : 12656-52-9,152231-69-1,209533-95-9,39394-43-9,51395-76-7,58968-67-5,61991-21-7,61991-22-8,67016-75-5,67016-76-6,68073-05-2,70225-79-5,74623-16-8,75398-83-3,77907-70-1,84503-75-3,89468-66-6,9006-02-4,9012-19-5,9037-50-7,9076-30-6,99331-82-5

Synonyms : Accuwipe;Ahlstrom 939;Alicell LV;Alistaple 1168;Alpha Cel BH 100;Alpha Cel BH 200;Alpha Cel BH 300;Alpha Cel C 10;Alpha CelC 40;Alpha Cel PB 25;Alpha-Cel BH 600/20;Alphafloc;Alwall Plus 15;Amicon S10Y1;Arbocel;Arbocel A 300;Arbocel B 00;Arbocel B 600;Arbocel B 600/30;Arbocel B 800;Arbocel B 820C;Arbocel BC 1000;Arbocel BC 200;Arbocel BE30/600;Arbocel BE 600;Arbocel BE 600-10TG;Arbocel BE 600/10;Arbocel BE600/20;Arbocel BE 600/30;Arbocel BEM;Arbocel BFC 200;Arbocel BWW 40;Arbocel C 100;Arbocel C 750;Arbocel DC 1000;Arbocel FD 00;Arbocel FD600/30;Arbocel FDC 200;CRV (polysaccharide);Celish;Celish 100F;Celish 100G;Celish 100L;Celish FD100E;Celish FD 100G;Celish FD 200L;Celish KY 100G;CelishKY 100L;Celish KY 100S;Celish PC 110S;Cellex MX;Cellflow C 25;Cellspon;Celluflow;Celluflow C 15;Cellulobeads D 10;Arbocel FDY 600;Arbocel FIC 200;Arbocel FT 40;Arbocel FT 600;Arbocel FT 600/30H;Arbocel G 350;Arbocel LZ 51;Arbocel M 80;Arbocel M 80P;Arbocel P 290;Arbocel TF 0406;Arbocel TF 30HG;Arbocel TP 40;Ariacel A 150;Armorib LS;Avicel;Avicel 101;Avicel 101 MCC;Avicel 102;Avicel 112;Avicel 2330;Avicel 2331;Avicel 955;Avicel E 200;Avicel F 05;Avicel F 20;Avicel FD 100;Avicel FD 101;Avicel FD-F 20;Avicel HP 101;Avicel LM 310;Avicel M 06;Avicel M 15;Avicel M 25;Avicel NT 020;Avicel NT050;Avicel PC 611;Avicel PH;Avicel PH 101;Avicel PH 102;Avicel PH 103;Avicel PH 105;Avicel PH 112;Avicel PH 113;Avicel PH 200;Avicel PH 301;Avicel PH 302;Avicel PH-F 10;Avicel PH-F 20;Avicel PH-M 06;Avicel PH-M 15;Avicel PH-M 25;Avicel R;Avicel RCS 91;Avicel SF;Avicel SP;Avicel TG 101;Avicel TG 101L;Avicel TG-D;Avicel TG-F 05;Avicel TG-F 20;BE 600-10TG;BH40;BH 600/20 a-Cel;Bacell 569;Bellfine D 10;Blanose 7M8SF;Borregaard 1200;C 30FM;C 8002;CA107;CF 1 (polysaccharide);CF 11;Microcrystalline Cellulose;


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